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Ability to collect images inside the form.#105 

I would love for a user to be able to submit multiple images inside a form, in addition to email, name etc

Use cases
CONFIRM IDENTITY - A bot might need to make it easier to confirm a person’s identity by allowing them to upload an image of their national ID or registration.

SOCIAL MEDIA COMPETITION - In the case of creating bots for companies, it would be great for users to be able to submit pics for the “photo challenge”

PHOTOS ON LOCATION: - Imagine a bot for reporters who are able to send quick stories via the bot together with relevant images for the story they are covering

There are so so many uses for something like this.

Max Soutter
6 months ago

Some cases can not be implemented because we can not recognize the message. We do not have computer vision for this. We will think about how to integrate with third-party image recognition services.

6 months ago

Thanks Alex, the image recognition isn’t really what i was getting at. Just the ability to ad an image of any kind. A tree a cat, a book…not one that needs to be recognized to confirm what is IN the image.

I strongly believe that the ability to allow people to send an image to the bot would be AWESOME for everyone’s creative possibilities

Max Soutter
6 months ago